Saturday, March 11, 2017

BlackTail Bar NYC

Ambiance 5/5
Cozy and unique vibe

Food 5/5
Tasty food

Drinks 4/5
Disappointed by drinks knowing that the bar is owned by Dead Rabbit owners
Extremely sweet cocktails (first sip is very delightful but more than a couple of glasses become too overwhelmingly sweet)

Daisy May's BBQ USA

Ambiance 3/5
Low key and comfortable ambiance

Food 3/5
Meats are pre-prepared and not cooked after ordered
Not outstanding compared to Dinosaur BBQ or Hill Country BBQ

Drinks 3/5
Nothing special about the drink menu

Spitzer's Corner

Ambiance 4/5
Very chill
Often crowded but should be nice and spacious in the afternoon

Food 4/5
Finger foods are pretty good
Really good burger

Drinks 5/5
Great selection of beer
Mediocre cocktail